EyeEM Photo Sales


This is my 5th sale of an image on EyeEM and I’ve received payment after each sale.

EyeEM royalty payments to photographers are handled differently than the other stock sites like Shutterstock and iStock and such similar sites.

First of all, newbie photographers on Shutterstock will generally receive from .25 to $1.88 per image for most images, whereas, EyeEM pays photographers $2.00 to $20. per image licensing sale. Plus, EyeEM has an immediate Cash Out option–once selected it takes about 5 days for the funds to transfer to your PayPal account.

Shutterstock requires a minimum balance of $30 before they will make payment, and payments are made only once per month.

I’ve had many more licensing sales of my photographs on iStock and Shutterstock than on EyeEM.

The stock site Twenty20 is similar to EyeEM in pricing and payment. Both EyeEm and Twenty20 seem to favor the emerging style of younger photographers who create more natural or casual images of people and things, as opposed to the slick studio shots.


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