Sold Food Photo License Via EyeEM Getty Images

Ok, so I sold an image license for my ravioli photograph–my first ever pasta photo–that was features in the EyeEm Getty Images collection. The sale was unexpected because my photo styling was uneducated and I assumed everyone could see that! I’ve since purchased a book or two on food styling and read a bit about styling pasta.

First, for this photo shoot, for a very low sale price I bought the large glass platter with raised lettering all around the border, the text of which names different types of pasta.  I liked the look and quality of the platter and thought to try it in a shoot. Plus is was new and only a couple of dollars. Then I shopped for the pasta. My thinking was that rather than try really messy spaghetti my first time shooting pasta, I’d opted for ravioli because it would be easier to style. Then I thought green ravioli would be better to shoot than white. The sauce seems a bit thick in my photo! Like I said, I really had no idea what I was doing.

I do plan to do more pasta styling using techniques I’ve read about.


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