Jackolantern Halloween Symbol

The small “baking pumpkins” or “sugar pie pumpkins” on the ground at the bottom of the chair are the practical pumpkins I bought for baking.  I will cut up and steam or roast these pumpkins to make purée for pies and other baked goods, such as pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies.

The larger pumpkin on the chair I carved into the traditional Halloween symbol of a Jack O’Lantern and illuminated it by lighting the candle I placed inside– for fun and to photograph. I set up this scene late in the day as the quickly changed, and the day darkened, so that I could photograph it every few minutes to discover the best light for the results I wanted.

I spent about an hour–from 6 p.m. until just after 7 p.m. trying different exposures to get a balance of light that would show both the exterior of the orange pumpkins and yet dark enough so that the glowing candlelight would add to the image.



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