Waffle Making Photographs

I bought a waffle iron recently and started searching for new and interesting recipes for both sweet and savory waffles. Every recipe–and there are a lot on Pinterest alone– was accompanied by photographs of gorgeous looking plates of ready to eat waffles, either dripping with syrup, stacked and layered with whipped cream and fresh fruit, or savory waffles made with meat, vegetables and cheese. Never did I ever see one single photograph of the waffle preparation process–no ingredients pictured, such as milk and eggs, no mixing bowls of batter, no waffle irons.

Then I did searches for waffles on stock photography sites, and again, I couldn’t find one photo of the preparation or cooking process–just lovely plates of this food in many variations.

So, I thought that I may have identified a gap, and discovered an area that I might concentrate to provide needed photographs. So the next time I made waffles, I set my waffle iron up near a window and made photographs along with waffles. My photographs included all the stuff that went along with making waffles. The first photos captured backlit steam rising from the waffle iron as the batter cooked.

Then I moved things around in my set-up, and moved around it getting different views. I also captured the finished waffle with the lid open. Then I uploaded the best of them to Shutterstock and other stock photos sites. Shutterstock accepted several. Right away, someone in Florida downloaded one of my waffle preparation photos from my portfolio here.



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