My Non-food Photographs

OK, I don’t just photograph food and flowers. In July, I made photos of spray paint cans, and then I photographed a set of caps that go on the spray paint cans to produce a variety of spray streams– from soft for fill to thin for line work.

I’ve never spray painted any graffiti art, but I have used quality acrylic spray paints on fine art paper and canvas, and at one point I did purchase a set of caps from a graffiti supply!

Since graffiti is so popular, I thought that photos of the different color cans of spray paint and a nice macro shot of the caps could be of interest to photo image buyers on stock photography sites. So I made some photos and uploaded them to my stock portfolios.

As I continue to expand my stock portfolios I get more and more downloads by users. Someone downloaded my photo of the spray caps from my Shutterstock portfolio here.

I do like this photograph of the spray paint caps–the way the main subject, the only yellow cap, is in focus and the surrounding caps are in soft focus, which implies making a choice. Plus, the yellow cap has handwriting on the side and a bit of a blue paint stain on it to indicate that it has been used before and perhaps is even a favorite.

I styled the shot myself and made the photo using the macro setting on my vintage 28-85mm Nikon lens with macro feature. If you haven’t used this lens, it has a button that puts the lens into macro mode that can only be used with manual focus.


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