Peaked Whipped Cream on Whisk

I used a ring-light and natural rim backlight from a window to illuminate this peak of whipped cream on a whisk. Honestly, I really didn’t think that it turned out very well. This subject more difficult to photograph than I expected.

Then, I was hesitant to upload the photos for review on the stock sights. But then I decided to give it a go–perhaps this is just the image someone will need? So I uploaded 4 shots for review and all 4 were selected. So maybe they are better images than I think they are–sometimes the review process is helpful. But also, good photos do get rejected simply because they have too many of that particular subject.

Then, to my surprise, one of my peaked whipped cream on a whisk photos was downloaded just a few days after being added to my Shutterstock portfolio.

Sometimes the photos I like best get rejected and my least favorite shots are accepted and downloaded. There is no moral to the story–all just part of understanding stock photography.



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