Congrats! Photo Live on Getty Images

What stands out most for me is the long process. Poppies bloom in Spring–April and May– and that’s when I made my photos of blooming red Poppy flowers and buds. I’m glad to have my photos appreciated yet feel a bit disconcerted to receive the notice, “Congratulations, your photo is live on Getty Images” just yesterday, in the middle of August.

I’m not complaining. It’s just that my attention has focused on so many subjects since the Poppy flowers. This is not my first image to go live on Getty. I suppose that I have no choice but to wait the many months from photo selection to when it becomes visible and available for purchase.

I’ve only been submitting my image to microstock sites for a few months now, and will eventually get used to the delay. Some sites, like Shutterstock, review images very quickly, while others take weeks or months.

I am pleased to have my photos on Getty, and additionally, these are my first flower photos! My earliest photographs were all Urban themes.


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