Chocolate Ice Cream Cones Photo Sold on Microstock Site

The featured photo above is Chocolate Ice Cream Cones by Marie Kazalia available on Shutterstock here.

The first few downloads of my photos from the microstock sites are interesting to me and kind of exciting too, because they validate my vision. Everyday I make photos and everyday I make many choices of how to portray the scenes that I photograph–whether found landscapes or constructed tabletop food still life set-ups.

Even the owners and facilitators of the microstock sites state that “no one knows what photos are going to sell” on those sites.

So it’s all a gamble and guesswork, especially when starting out. So when I get a download of one of my photos–as happened again on Shutterstock–I note whether the image is a close-up view or a fuller view. For I’m always searching, analysing, and seeking to understand what I can do to provide more variety and more choices to those who may potentially use my images.

So far, it’s 50-50, by the way–two of my close-ups and two of my full scene photos have been downloaded on Shutterstock. I also like to research what sells for others, for that may help me expand upon my vision and ideas. Perhaps sharing my first few microstock sales will help other photographers who are just getting started with stock photography.

My still life photograph of chocolate ice cream cones–one cone partially unwrapped, two still in the foil packaging arranged on a wood background–was downloaded via Shutterstock by someone in Europe (perhaps Belgium or The Netherlands according to the map below).

Screenshot 2016-08-02 at 2.29.42 PM


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